Hi, my name is Molly and I’m a professional Script Supervisor based in London and Bristol. I’m experienced in HETV and Feature Films across various genres and styles.

My recent credits include Script Supervising episodes 4-5 of the final season of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ and the BBC Christmas special 'Lot No. 249’ directed by Mark Gatiss.

I am experienced and comfortable with:
  • UK and American slating systems 
  • Complex coverage and eyelines
  • Shooting on film (16mm)
  • Stunts and choreographed movement
  • Working with translators, child actors and first time actors
  • Multi-camera shooting
  • Complex art and costume continuity
  • Working as a 2nd unit/dailies script supervisor with VFX and action vehicle units

My continuity breakdowns and daily paperwork are all digitally produced; using a mixture of my own templates in Apple Numbers, Scriptation and Peter Skarratt.

*Professional references are available upon request

In 2018 I directed the period drama Wolf Among Sheep. The film was screened as part of the official selection for the BAFTA-recognised Underwire Festival 2018 and the Learning on Screen Awards 2019. The following year I directed Audrey and the Rocket, this was screened at Brussels Short Film Festival 2020, Beijing ISFVF 2019 and VGIK Festival 2019. For this film I was awarded Best Student Director at the Bristol Independent Film Festival 2020.

Many of the skills gained from directing have been valuable as a script supervisor. Working closely with editors during post production has given me an understanding of issues that arise as a consequence of poor continuity. Working closely with the camera department has given me confidence with coverage and eyelines.