molly bradbrook

based in london/bristol


Sex Education (Season 4, Eps4-5) [Netflix] (2022/23)

Belgravia: The Next Chapter [Epic] (2023) (dailies)
Sex Education (Season 4, Eps1-3, 6-8) [Netflix] (2022) (dailies)
Bad Education (Season 4) [BBC] (2022) (dailies)
The Diplomat [Netflix] (2022) (dailies)
Black Mirror (Season 6) [Netflix] (2022) (dailies)
The Puppet Asylum [Sky] (2022)
Doctors (6 eps) [BBC] (2022)
Red Riding Hood: After Ever After 
[Sky] (2022) (dailies)

Our House  [ITV series] (2021) (dailies)
Porters (Season 2) [Dave series] (2018) (assistant script supervisor/2nd unit)

feature film

It’s the Blackness [feature film] (2022)
Sweet Sue [SomeSuch/BBC feature film] (2021)
Little English [feature film] (2021)
Vengeance is Mine [feature film] (2019)

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